Jobs in Singapore you can do without a work permit

Jobs in Singapore you can do without a work permit

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First Let Verify whether you are qualified to work in Singapore


Ascertain your eligibility for employment in Singapore before beginning a thorough job hunt. Depending on your qualifications, there are various types of work permits available. To determine your chances of qualifying, the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore has released an online self-assessment tool.

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You shouldn’t interpret the assessment as a promise that you’ll be accepted, even though it can offer you an idea. Certain variables—such as permit quotas and your individual history—are not computed by the online evaluation. It might, however, be able to save you some time.

Remember that most of the time you cannot apply for a work permit unless you have a job offer that satisfies a minimal criteria and a job in place. Your employer is not associated with any pass type other than the Personalised Employment Pass (PEP). Consequently, one of your final actions will be to apply for a work visa for Singapore.

Select a prosperous sector of the economy

Singapore is home to numerous marketplaces, although certain industries are more robust than others. Finance professionals have always felt at home in Singapore, particularly those in the audit and securities industries.

The Southern Asian city is seeing a rapid rise in new businesses, even as the job market for financial services remains robust. Digital marketers, IT professionals, and compliance specialists are in high demand.

Currently, some of the most prosperous industries are artificial intelligence, healthcare, software and technology, banking and finance, and software. Manufacturing, biotechnology, and the domains of analytics and data science are all experiencing strong demand. Tourism and hospitality, as well as mental health care, are other common jobs in Singapore.

In addition to looking into the most sought-after jobs, you may investigate the typical salary in Singapore for specific roles. This can help you determine whether a future career will satisfy you by giving you an idea of what to expect. Additionally, cut a few processes and get straight to the interview. Employers appreciate it when candidates are knowledgeable with sector salary averages.

Recognise standard employment procedures

Be sure that the prevalent working norms in Singapore align with your lifestyle before deciding to work there.

Again, this is covered in a very useful and well-organized part of the Ministry of Manpower’s website. This extensive collection of employment resources will provide you with details on skill development, leaves of absence, holidays, hours, contracts, and much more to help you get a sense of what it would be like to work in Singapore.



Search online for a job in Singapore

Online job boards are among the greatest sites to search for available employment in Singapore. While there are many online tools to help you in your search, some of the largest and most popular ones for Singaporean job seekers are included below:

  • Monster: A worldwide job portal with more than two decades of expertise. Monster has listings in every Singaporean market.
  • The Singaporean government maintains the MyCareersFuture website, which guarantees dependability and security. It offers career guidance in addition to entry-level and advanced positions.
  • JobsDB is a tool that lets job searchers look through offers from numerous websites.
  • Indeed Singapore is the localised version of the highly user-friendly global meta-aggregator.
  • LinkedIn, the world’s most well-known professional network, is widely used in Singapore. Every day, fresh job posts are available; you can filter them according to your preferences.

Consult with a hiring agency

There are many benefits to using a recruitment firm for your Singaporean job hunt, even if the majority of positions are posted online. You can get assistance from a recruiter with your resume, cover letter, and interview preparation.

They’ll also provide you with information on the history and culture of the company, as well as a deeper grasp of your sector and possible employer.

While it’s crucial to conduct due diligence and select the agency that best suits your needs and industry, the following has received positive reviews and is recognised as a reliable agency in the area.

  • 3C Synergy is an oil and gas company that specialises in construction jobs.
  • Manpower is needed in many different areas, such as engineering, information technology, customer service, and sales and marketing.
  • Founded in 1948, Robert Half is a multinational employment firm that provides positions in banking, technology, project consulting, finance, and C-suite and senior management.
  • The combination of Kelly Services and PERSOL Holdings is known as PERSOLKELLY.
  • Randstad is an organisation that provides a broad range of specialisations, with a concentration on cybersecurity, UI/UX design, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, and many other areas.

Make a work visa application

Although receiving a job offer is a great achievement, the hiring process continues beyond that. The next step is to apply for and be granted a work visa for Singapore.

Fortunately, Singapore is a global city with a large expat population that generally welcomes visitors from other countries who need a visa. You must submit your application, pay the registration money, and receive a job offer in order to be eligible for one. In just seven days, you can apply online for a visa and have it completed. Additionally, you can examine all of the different work visa categories here to see which one best fits your situation.

It’s critical to understand the kind of visa you qualify for before making an application. Several of them exist, based on your qualifications and skill set. They can be categorised into three groups: trainees and students, skilled and semi-skilled workers, and professionals.

The Professionals category passes are outlined below, along with the appropriate candidates for each:

  • For foreign professionals, executives, and managers making at least $5,000 Singapore Dollars (SGD) per month, there is an employment pass available.
  • EntrePass is a resource for international business owners wishing to establish a company in Singapore.
  • Only high earners who currently possess an employment pass are eligible for the Personalised Employment Pass, which offers extreme freedom in terms of job terms and qualifying industries.
  • Top talent in the fields of business, science and technology, sports, academia, and the arts and culture is eligible for the Overseas Networks & Expertise Pass.
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