How to get your Australian Student Visa in a few easy steps

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How to Get a Student Visa in 8 Easy Steps We’ll walk you through the application process and the steps you need to take to demonstrate that you can communicate well in English. Everything a first-time applicant needs to know to get the job.

Step 1: Collect proof that you are a fluent English speaker.

Most international students must complete English language requirements to enroll and get a visa. Check our answers to frequent queries for help deciding the scores you need or for further information.

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Australia recognizes IELTS for visas and migration.

Step 2: Apply to a school in Australia to get a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)

Acceptance into an Australian study program is required to apply for a Student Visa (subclass 500). Help is free. Accept university offers and pay tuition. The school delivers an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Visa applications require this.

You can get help. Free specialists can help you apply for any Australian university course.

Step 3: Make a profile with the Australian immigration authorities

Online Australian visa applications are common. This also tracks your progress. Create a Department of Home Affairs account here before applying for a visa.

  • Student visa applications require the following documents:
  • University-issued CoE
  • Student Health Coverage Abroad (OSHC). Missing? Compare international student health insurance. outer icon
  • Passport
  • Proof of temporary stay: your application can prove that you only plan to stay in Australia temporarily. Proof of employment, a letter from your native country’s school, or other papers can support this claim.

Additional documentation may be required. The Department of Home Affairs website has a toolexternal icon.

Step 4: Put in an application for a visa online

Australian Subclass 500 visas are for international students. Apply for your visa at least six weeks before class starts.

Step 5: You must obtain a TRN-number and pay the visa fee

Australian visas cost. This may not be repaid if your visa is rejected, so get advice before applying. After applying, you pay. Cost is $575. Your application receives a Transaction Reference Number (TRN). Save this for online application tracking.

Step 6: Possible medical exam and interview

Health checks and interviews may be required. Visa applications provide this information.

Step 7: Your visa determination

Student Visa (subclass 500) determination time? Complete applications normally receive a response within two weeks. Your application quality can effect this. It also depends on Australian immigration authorities’ workload. Application errors might delay or reject your application.

Email notification will follow your Student Visa application. If your visa is electronic, print the Visa Grant letter and preserve it with your passport before traveling to Australia.

Step 8: The Australian Adventure

With a valid visa in hand, you’ll be free to arrange your trip and arrive in Australia. Welcome! Discover exciting things to do in Adelaide or learn why Melbourne is Australia’s most livable metropolis while you’re here.

Immigration and the legal system

Immigration laws change often. Check the Australian Department of Home Affairs website for changes. Apply to the Australian Government for student, work, or permanent visas. Consult a lawyer or migration agent. Student visa counseling is free.

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