Guide to Getting a Visa to Enter the United States

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U.S. entry requires a visa. Visas are available. Business, tourism, or all three are US visitor visas.

This will help your U.S. visa application. This previews the article.

  • US visa-approved activities
  • Can I get a US guest visa?
  • Documentation
  • References

Activities permitted by a United States visiting visa

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Here are some examples of authorized activities with a visitor’s visa:

  • Business ( B-1).
  • Tourism (B-2).

No birth or tourism travel permits are issued. The United States will not provide a visa to a pregnant lady.

More foreigners utilize birth citizenship. Children born abroad can have dual citizenship. US pregnancies are common. Women no longer get US visas.

Detailed instructions for submitting your application are provided below

How do I get a tourist visa to the United States?

Multiple-step visa applications to the United States. The policies of embassies and consulates differ. For more information, go to the US Embassy and Consulate General’s website.

How to Fill Out an Online Visa Application

Mandatory online visa applications. DS160 online nonimmigrant visa application. “We got your application” interview.

Interview Preparation

Interview for U.S. eligibility. Most U.S. tourists are questioned. Rarely.

  • Under-13s don’t need visa interviews.
  • Over-80s need no visa interview.
  • Interviewees must qualify. U.S. Embassy or Consulate visa interview.

Visa interviews are conducted at any U.S. Consulate or Embassy abroad.

Season and geography effect wait times. Visa? Apply for a U.S. visa immediately if chosen.

Visa applications require a non-refundable cost.

Non-refundable visa fees. $160. Visas may be costly.

Embassy or consulates list fees.


It is recommended that you do the following before your immigration interview:

  • US-valid passport. Unless country-specific, your ticket must be valid for six months after you leave. Visa applicants—including family—must apply separately.
  • DS-160 nonimmigrant visa confirmation.
  • Pre-interview application fees are receipted.
  • Online DS160 photo upload. If your upload fails, provide one Photo Requirements-formatted print.

Financial stability and motivation to leave the US may necessitate additional paperwork.

Consular officials assess visa applications. Visitors to the US need a valid reason to get a visa.

Apply Now

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